Clipper locking

Tim Potter tpot at
Tue Jun 13 23:34:13 GMT 2000

Christopher R. Hertel writes:

> I think that's it, Mike.  At the CIFS conference there was some
> issue with overlapping byte range locking in opportunistic
> locks.  I don't have specifics but it was being worked on.  On
> the plus side, the new tools that Tridge has been building for
> testing these things should help find these bugs sooner, and
> not just in Samba code but in many third-party vendor's code.

It definitely sounds like a locking bug in Samba.  Hopefully the
next release, version 2.2, should have much better (perhaps even
completely correct) locking support.  

It sounds like the clipper client relies heavily on correct NT
locking semantics which every previous version of Samba did not



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