DCE/DFS auth

- Steve Bower - steve at alcyon.net
Tue Jun 13 20:42:05 GMT 2000

I am trying to get 2.0.7 to work with DCE under Digital Unix v4.0

Every time I try and connect I get the error message:

[2000/06/13 15:11:01, 0] passdb/pass_check.c:dfs_auth(229)
  DCE can't get current context. No currently established network
identity for which context exists (dce / sec)

When looking at the code I found that this message is caused by the call
to 'sec_login_get_current_context'. I have tried to trace through the
logic of the dfs_auth function and cannot see how it could work. I doesn't
seem as though the security context can ever be set because the call to
'sec_login_get_current_context' will always fail unless the login context
is already setup. Which it cannot be because it can never get to that code
because the call to 'sec_login_get_current_context' fails and then returns
false. It would seem to me that the original call to
'sec_login_get_current_context' should not return but rather skip the
caching/refreshing part of of the auth code and then create a new login

Of course I may be completely wrong and may have something else wrong
thats causing the problem.

Any thoughts?


Steve Bower - smb0399 at cs.rit.edu - www.alcyon.net/~steve - 716.424.8240

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