Needs help with Samba to authenticate to NDS

Sarabjit Singh SinghS at
Tue Jun 13 00:42:42 GMT 2000


We need some help..

Our current environment is the following -

Solaris 2.7 (NDS for Solaris) 
Samba 2.07
Netware 5
NT Workstation (service pack 5) 

We use NDS for Solaris. NDS users are created, then granted access to the Solaris box, where they can
login. We have a couple of pure UNIX accounts on the Solaris box that are not handled by NDS.

We also have enabled plain text passwords on the NT clients.

When we connect as a pure UNIX user to a samba share (e.g a home directory, using the NET USE command)
it works fine. When a pure NDS user tries to connect it fails. We want to give a netware user
a home directory that is on the Solaris box via Samba.

In a nutshell -

How do we get Samba to authenticate to NDS (instead of /etc/passwd as it is doing now)?
Is what we are trying to do possible and if so, how and what do we have to do to achieve it?

Many Thanks

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