the CVS branches (was Re: Patch to make "driver file =" a share level parameter)

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Jun 10 07:15:40 GMT 2000

[David S. Chappell <David.Chappell at>]
> The file <> is still horribly out of date.  The
> CVS archive now contains dozens of branches, many of them with confusing
> names.  Is there a list somewhere which explains what they are for and
> which ones are active?

Here are the active branches, as I understand them.

  The stable code base.  Changes going into here are supposed to be
  relatively well-tested and safe (or, if not, should be strictly
  self-contained and clearly marked as experimental).  This branch is
  currently misnamed, as it is moving toward "2.2.x".

  Code destined straight for the next stable release.  Kept mostly in
  sync with SAMBA_2_0.  Also misnamed, see above.

  The "3.0" code base.  Main development of everything except some of
  the Microsoft RPC code.

  The "?.?" code base.  Highly experimental tree hacked on mainly by
  Luke, Elrond and co., to add whatever features they want at the
  moment.  Specifically it is where the real MSRPC action is, meaning
  if you want a decent NT domain controller this is the only way to go.
  Also a testbed for other architectural changes, notably the
  split-daemon architecture, PAM/NSSwitch/LDAP integration, alternative
  username/domain/SID/UID lookup methods, etc.

  Basically Luke's alpha-2.5 snapshot of Samba-TNG, split off because
  it happened to work so well for so many people.

A few months ago, Jeremy (or was it Tridge?) hacked on a branch named
SAMBA_UNICODE some, trying to make Unicode support more pervasive in
Samba, but I think that all got folded back into the other branches. maintainers: does anyone want me to merge the above
material into cvs.html?  (Assuming it's mostly correct of course.)


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