setting up samba...

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Jun 8 07:15:08 GMT 2000

[Shawn Campbell <clasmc at>]
> I have a question about setting up samba.  I have been trying to
> setup samba to share a folder using user authentication via a Windows
> NT PDC on the college network.  I setup the password server=* option
> and security=domain.  I guess my question is, what exactly do I need
> to do to get file sharing to work authenticating by user via the pdc?

Have you joined the domain?

First, on the PDC, add CDVISION to the domain:

  Start Menu -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager

Then join from the Samba side:

  smbpasswd -j MALONE

Finally, make sure you have local Unix usernames corresponding to the
users you want to give access to.  Passwords etc. don't matter as long
as the usernames match.  (And that doesn't matter, either, if you set
up a username map -- see the docs for details.)


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