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John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Tue Jun 6 23:11:22 GMT 2000

Ron Alexander <rcalex at> wrote
> I get a lot of these msgs:
> [2000/06/06 08:52:23, 1] replace.c:(160)
>   WARNING: running without setgroups
> The reason is that we don't have init or set groups. I am told that it is
> not POSIX.1, so we didn't implement it. I do not want to modify the source
> to make the msg go away. Can anyone suggest how to deal with this?

Neither are these functions in The Open Group Single Unix Specification.

OpenVMS does not have initgroups() or setgroups() either.

Fix is to put the following in config.h
/* Define if you have the initgroups function.  */
#define HAVE_INITGROUPS 1  /* Faked out with a MACRO for OpenVMS */

#define initgroups(x, y) 0

The macro allows code logic to assume that the initgroups() function
returned a success.

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