patch against 2.0.7 for NIS+ username maps

Nicholas J Brealey nick at
Tue Jun 6 18:17:10 GMT 2000


I have just been on this list for a few days.

I would like to submit the following patch for NIS+ username 

The patch is against samba 2.0.7.

You need to run autoconf and autoheader and run configure
with --nisplus-username-map.

If you don't use this option or the name of your username map
starts with a / there is no change to the code executed.

I have tested this on Solaris 7 on SPARC and x86 but it has not
really been stress tested (5 users with 4 samba servers and 
4 PC clients using Windows NT 4.0 and one workgroup so far).

Nicholas Brealey

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