"server mode" request for comments

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at canada.sun.com
Tue Jun 6 12:07:15 GMT 2000

"Cole, Timothy D." wrote:
> I'm starting to wonder if a "server mode" paramter in smb.conf might not be
> appropriate, with one of two settings:
>  server mode = native
>   or
>  server mode = windows

	Initially I thought this was a bad idea...  but
	then I thought about it some more (;-))

	It's very like "printing": it identifies a suite
	of behaviors that are closely associated.  It's 
	behavior that samba supplies in this case, unlike
	printing which is behavior that Samba depends on.

	Firstly, how about calling it "default behavior" ?

	Secondly, I'd propose that it means that we simulate
	NT behavior for file-specific options of default behavior
	= windows, which opens up three cases: 
	     1) where the behavior now defaults off, there is
		no change if we set the behavior to unix
	     2) where the behavior now defaults on, there 
                **is** a change if we set the behavior to unix
	     3) where the behavior defaults off, there is a 
		change if we set the behavior to windows.

	The second one is the interesting problem: we are
	implicitly proposing a silent change in the unix 
	defaults, and I'd like us to discuss making that 
	a non-silent change.

	For information, here's a table of the parameters
	we use to change our behavior to match windows,
	classified by effect. 

	Next message: a discussion of what we should change and how.

Name			Default		mode = unix
====			=======		===========
blocking locks		yes		changes [1]
case sensitive 				UNKNOWN [2]
change notify timeout	60		changes
delete readonly		no		no change
delete veto files	no		no change
dos filetime resolution	no		no change
dos filetimes		no		no change
fake directory create times no		no change
follow symlinks 	yes		unknown
level2 oplocks		no		no change
locking			yes		no change
mangle case		no		no change
mangled names		no		no change [3]
map archive		yes		changes
map hidden		no		no change
map system		no		no change
nt acl support		yes		unknown (no?)
ole locking compatibility yes		changes
oplocks			yes		unknown (no?)
preserve case		yes		no change
restrict anonymous	no		no change
share modes		yes		unknown
short preserve case	yes		unknown [2]
wide links 		yes		unknown

[1] In the next message I'll discuss whether we should change it,
and if so, why and how.
[2] Is this the same as [1]? I don't know...
[3] Hmmn, old Windows 3 behavior... perhaps the option values
    should  be unix and NT, lest folks expect this to be turned on.

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