BUG with g+s: Re: "Inherit Permissions" request for comments

Michael Tokarev mjt at tls.msk.ru
Mon Jun 5 14:18:37 GMT 2000

[posting to list only]

David Collier-Brown wrote:
> Michael Tokarev wrote:
> >                                 In the other words,
> > inherit permissions parameter changed semantics of g+s when unset.
> > If this is considered normal, than it should be documented as
> > compatibility change (that is, 2.0.7 is incompatible with all previous
> > versions on this respect).
>         "Erk", saith the tech writer! (;-))
>         Seriously, though, once we decide upon a resolution,
>         I'll propose a migration strategy to this list and a
>         documentation change to the docs list.

For a resolution.  I don't know the resolution on the "inherit permissions"
parameter, but I think that if it is _not_ set/used, "normal" unix behavour
should take it's place.  We can adapt NT's behavour, make our own, but
on most places, this is unix at the end! -- and unix's rules appy.
Remember -- modern unices have acls (as already mentioned), and this will
be strange for example that samba will change inherited acls set by admin for
dir then creating files/dirs inside -- this is exactly what's happened
now but with unix's rwx'es.  One _should_ have ability to use native unix
permissions when he wants to (and at least there where is no reason to _not_
to allow him to do so, as in this simple case).
Just my opinion.

(I already posted a bug report (with patch that restores 2.0.6's behavor)
to RedHats' bugzilla about this :).


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