Symbolic links, samba and an NT search window ...

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Jun 3 09:16:57 GMT 2000

[Ray Horner <hints_tips at>]
> X11 -> .
> When people do a search of the NT tree, this directory is one of many
> that is found and presented via samba.  When samba is requested to
> navigate it, it starts chasing the links recursively, and then gets
> VERY upset.

Known bug, someone reported it a week or two ago.  I don't recall
seeing a fix yet.  Not sure if it would be easy or not.  (Well, there
*is* an easy fix -- just check the device+inode of each directory
against those of all its parents -- but that might be too expensive in
the common case.)  I might take a look when I get a moment.  This
particular bug is certainly easy to reproduce....


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