Symbolic links, samba and an NT search window ...

Ray Horner hints_tips at
Fri Jun 2 17:19:25 GMT 2000

I was wondering if anyone else has come across the problem of samba getting 
stuck and confused by symbolic links.

In our UNIX environment we have some directories containing a link to the 
current directory.

e.g. the X11 directory in our template checker directory has a link:

X11 -> .

When people do a search of the NT tree, this directory is one of many that 
is found and presented via samba.  When samba is requested to navigate it, 
it starts chasing the links recursively, and then gets VERY upset.

Unfortunately, a side effect is that the CPU usage climbs and the rest of 
the users get slowed to a halt from one person doing a search!!

Has anyone got any ideas of how to stop this??

I look forward to your help!


Ray Horner.
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