PAM-NTDOM: Fall through to unix authentication?

Soren Dayton dayton at
Fri Jun 2 16:14:42 GMT 2000

Ignore this.  I was being really dumb.


I think that I must be being dumb, but here goes.  Let's say that I'm
using pam_ntdom for logins.  Then root needs to have a password in the
NT domain.  This doesn't seem right.  And it means that I would need
the network connected to log in as root. This also doesn't seem
right.  Am I wrong and do I not understand how to configure pam?

So what's the deal?  Should I wait for samba-tng? (with the nss_*
stuff.  Boy, it's nice to see people using the nsswitch stuff :)


(please cc: me.  I'm not on the mailing list)

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