First Time Post: Network Neighborhood NOT displaying Linux se rver shares

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Hmm, not really "technical"... Hehe, just kidding.

It sounds like a browsing issue. I *hightly* recommend doing a "wins support
= yes" in the Samba servers' smb.conf, and then setting the WINS server IP
address to that of the Samba machine on the 9x boxes. WINS is a good way to
go for browsing.

You might want to examine the NMB log (/var/log/samba/log.nmb in RedHat
RPMs) for anything odd. One possibility is that you have more than one
network protocol (NetBEUI, IPX, etc.) installed on the 9x machines.

If so, the 9x machine will elect themselves the Master Browser over those
protocols (which Samba doesn't speak) and then announce themselves as the
TCP/IP master browser as well.... <sigh> windows really is crippleware...


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First timer poster, so flame it all ya want!

My system: Two windows boxes, one 98 SE and one 95, connected to LAN
Linux box running Slackware 7.0 and Samab 2.05(a).

My shares: 1 share on each windows box, DemonX and LogicX; three public
shares on Linux server, All, Ftp, and Http.

Problem: Using a dos prompt, I can map drives to my computer by typing
the IP or Netbios name of the Linux server ( or \\InsaneX\),
however, \\InsaneX\ does not appear in my Network Neighborhood area on
windows boxes. In addition, when I do map a drive to the Linux server,
"My Computer" it shows up as (H: 'Ftp' on InsaneX) Any clues as to what
may be doing wrong?

Casey Lengacher

SMC, Inc.
SMC Applications Programmer

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