First Time Post: Network Neighborhood NOT displaying Linux server shares

clengacher at clengacher at
Thu Jun 1 20:43:49 GMT 2000


First timer poster, so flame it all ya want!

My system: Two windows boxes, one 98 SE and one 95, connected to LAN gateway
Linux box running Slackware 7.0 and Samab 2.05(a).

My shares: 1 share on each windows box, DemonX and LogicX; three public
shares on Linux server, All, Ftp, and Http.

Problem: Using a dos prompt, I can map drives to my computer by typing in
the IP or Netbios name of the Linux server ( or \\InsaneX\),
however, \\InsaneX\ does not appear in my Network Neighborhood area on my
windows boxes. In addition, when I do map a drive to the Linux server, under
"My Computer" it shows up as (H: 'Ftp' on InsaneX) Any clues as to what I
may be doing wrong?

Casey Lengacher

SMC, Inc.
SMC Applications Programmer

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