Limit to num of shares?

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Thu Jun 1 21:17:59 GMT 2000

"John E. Malmberg" wrote:

> Chris Tooley <ctooley at joslyn.organization> wrote:
> > There is in fact a maximum (AFAIK) of 23 mapped shares (as you aren't
> allowed to
> > map to A: B: or C: (also AFAIK), which I've found to be a problem.
> B: is mappable.  As long as you do not have a physical drive or partition on
> a drive letter you can map it.
> There used to be some characters beyond Z: that could be mapped, just not
> from the User Interfaces provided.  I do not know if that is still the case.
> > However, I've got 13 things mounted from an NT WS
> > box on about 30 9x machines so I don't think that the 10
> > connection limit is right either.
> Now that you have admitted it, they may come looking.
> > Ron Alexander wrote:
> >
> > >
> > > 2. The KB article that discusses the 10 connection limit is Q122920.
> As I understand it, it applies to separate workstations.  Multiple
> "connections" from one workstation count only as one.  But again, I am not a
> lawyer, and have never played one on TV either.
> I do not know if enforcement is a hard limit, a warning somewhere, or just
> the honor system.
> > > I am still confused, but my test would appear to confirm that there is
> in
> > > fact no limit (other than share points). BTW, after you do a 'Map
> network
> > > drive' to Z how do you then map the next share? (that would appear to
> limit
> > > you to 26 less real drives)
> You do not need to map share points to use them.

That is assuming you don't have an organization with uninterested-user-syndrome
(I don't like the stupid-user phrase).  Not everyone gets the idea that they are
talking to a machine other than their own and don't wish to know.  In this case,

'Ok, so you type backslash, backslash, ...'

is like pulling teeth from a remote site.

> Most Windows programs now a days will use what is call Uniform Naming
> Convention.
> \\SERVER\share\directory\path\file.exe
> There are a few old programs out there that must have a drive letter mapped
> though.
> So the only real limit on how many shares you can simultaneously connect to
> from the client is only limited by the client's resources.
> -John
> wb8tyw at

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