Limit to num of shares?

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Thu Jun 1 15:33:31 GMT 2000

1. Let me apologize for my 'newbieness'. Being a programmer for 33 years, it
is just a little humbling to be a newbie again (re SAMBA and MSFT

2. The KB article that discusses the 10 connection limit is Q122920.

3. This morning I ran a test with 11 shares active from the Stratus/VOS
server to my NT4 pc.

I am still confused, but my test would appear to confirm that there is in
fact no limit (other than share points). BTW, after you do a 'Map network
drive' to Z how do you then map the next share? (that would appear to limit
you to 26 less real drives)


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On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Mayers, P J wrote:

> Yes, they do. Try creating a network share, then mapping it from 11
> different NT clients. You'll get a nice message telling you you've
> your connection limit on the 11th client.

Ah! The limit, apparently, applies to TCP connections. (In fact, ISTR it
is 10 connections to different hosts in any 10 minute period.) They don't
enforce this one - if they did, the machine would be a bit broken for WWW
browsing etc. Just browsing round MS's own site would probably bring you
pretty close.

> This may just be SMB connections - I've never verified it. But it
> *certainly* exists and is enforced under NT4. I suspect the same applied
> Win2K pro.

It's just SMB, IIRC. The restriction is supposed to apply to TCP as well,
but can't really be enforced without breaking the machine badly.

> And by the way - this really isn't the most appropriate forum to ask this
> question. It's only very tangentially related to Samba. Other questions
> (like tcpdump versions <ahem> ;o) have been even less so...

In this particular case, it's not too far off-topic; Ron is trying to set
up an NT4 box talking to a VOS/Samba box.

Incidentally, we have some NT servers here with a couple of hundred
shares - one per user, in fact - so there certainly isn't any real limit
on those.


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