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Ben Anderson btanders at
Thu Jun 1 02:51:26 GMT 2000

If the samba box on the local subnet wins the domain master browser
election, all clients on the local subnet do browse list queries to this
machine, no?

from smb.conf(5)
"remote browse sync (G) 

This option allows you to setup nmbd to periodically request
synchronization of browse lists with the master browser of a samba server
that is on a remote segment. This option will allow you to gain browse
lists for multiple workgroups across routed networks. This is done in a
manner that does not work with any non-samba servers"

And as far as i can tell, there is no option that allows this behaviour to
occur with windows NT domain master browser on a remote subnet.  Please
explain how you think this occurs if you still think this works...

I was under the impression that WINS doesn't store browse lists, only a
mapping between name and IP...  The master browser for a subnet is the
machine that serves browse lists.  And this is generated by listening to
broadcast requests.  Syncing with remote browse sync (as above) works only
with another samba domain master browser.

If your 'impression' is still such that I am wrong, please explain with a
little more detail how one would go about achieving browse list
replication between domains across subnet boundaries.


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On Thu, 1 Jun 2000, Richard Sharpe wrote:

> At 07:44 AM 6/1/00 +1000, Ben wrote:
> >     What's the current status of browse list  replication between subnets,
> >where multiple domains are involved?           Has there been any  work at
> >all done in reverse engineering m$'s browse list syncing protocol, if  so,
> >where, so I can help out...   Cheers, Ben. 
> Hmmm, I was under the impression that browse list sync works fine with NT.
> However, WINS sync is not implemented.
> Perhaps I am wrong :-)
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