Samba & W98 (transactions)

Andrea Scopece a.scopece at
Mon Jul 31 13:39:57 GMT 2000

Hi Ron,
thanks for your reply.

> If you only have 2/3 users, then you should have no problems just using
> windows.

Yes, all OK, the only problem are the poor performance.

>  You should consider doing the following:
> ...

I have tried changing from Pentium 100 Mhz, to Pentium 450 with faster
hard-disks, and from 10 to 100 ethernet cards, also I have tried any
protocol available in W98.

Processing was faster, but data retrieval was slower!!!! :-((.

I don' t know where is the "lack",  the only sure bottleneck are
May be that NT do not suffer this, but installing NT or Linux as little
either aren't under end user (non IT) control, which is what I want.

My "search for Win32 Samba" was ironic. I know SMB.
What I want to say is that Linux/Samba (in my applications almost) is much
much performant than Win 98 SMB, and I had tryed it on same hardware, with
Microsoft and/or Linux Filesystems.

It may be a reason to port Samba for Win32. (or some part of Samba).

I joined this list, because I' m sure there is someone who know where is the
technical difference from W98 SMB and Linux/Samba, related to my problem.

Thanks anyway.

Best Regards

Andrea Scopece

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