File locking with Access db

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Mon Jul 31 13:46:09 GMT 2000

Tom Copperstone wrote:
[in a discussion about using Access where all the users could
 access the database without locking working]

> the oplocks setting did the trick, thanks.

	I had suggested turning off oplocks in the
	share containing the data.

Jeremy, speaking about a different database, said:
| Oplocks. They open the file (no deny mode), client redirector gets
| exclusive oplock, then they lock the file, client redirector
| says "hmmm. I have an oplock, no sense in sending it to
| the server as I *know* I'm the only opener of this file.
| So the server says "no locks". The same thing would happen
| on NT. 
| Test this with *another* app trying to get a lock on the
| same region. The second open should break the oplock,
| and before the reply break message the first client will
| actually send the lock region command to Samba.

	It looks like Access actually does worse than the
	app Jeremy was diagnosing: Tom initially reported
| We put some access databases on our Sun server with samba and only
| user at a time can get in. 

	Anyone using a late-model Access, can you recommend what
	a user should have set as access options?

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