Hazze hazze at
Mon Jul 31 07:38:27 GMT 2000

Problem with samba and windows.
System redhat 6.2 and samba 2.0.6

I  have 1 samba  user on the server
and 5 user that share this account by the file
" /etc/nameconvert"
jim = user1
jim = user2
jim = user3
jim = user4
jim = user5

the I use smb status  all 5 will show up as jim, so the account  are up
and running.

Every thing worked with mapping until I started to use a NT4 server
to  get NT4 to work I changed the
a dword-field named  "EnablePlainTextPassword" to value I could
log on.

With Win NT 4  sever:
 I can see everything on the linux server and in the folder.
I can read, write and use the folders and files.

With: Win 98 and Win 95
 I can see the folders and files but when I try to change folder error
message " j:\temp does not exist".
The same if try to use a file like ttt.txt error message " j:\ttt.txt
does not exist" , but if I right click and use "send to:" notepad " the
file ttt.txt with content will open.

Can anyone help me with this.


the smb.conf file

    log file = /var/log/samba-log.%m
    lock directory = /var/lock/samba
    share modes = no
    admin users = v063264
    security = USER
    server string = %h
    username map = /etc/nameconvert.smb
    os level = 65
    encrypt passwords = no
    password level = 0
    preferred master = no
    null passwords = no
    dead time = 0
    domain master = no
    load printers = no
    case sensitive = yes
    browseable = yes
    default case = lower

    remote announce =

    comment = jims  area
    valid users = vx63264 jim
    path = /home/httpd/html/jim
    read only = no
    public = yes
    available = yes
    guest only = no
    writable = yes

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