Samba & W98 (transactions)

Andrea Scopece a.scopece at
Sun Jul 30 23:49:19 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I' m newbie to this list, and need a tip:

I' have used an older applications, that use many files simultaneously
(50-60 files),
from a Win 98 client. It had a slower response from a Win 98 Server.

After, I have changed the server to Linux (RH 6.2 whith Samba),
same hardware as W98 Server.

Application response was faster. (Either with a ext2 or vfat filesystem).

To understand what was wrong, I runned System monitor (Client W98),
and the only difference I have seen was the "Network Client/Transaction per
when I used Win 98 as server it reached a value  of 1800 tps, when I used
Linux Samba it reached 60 per second.

Therefore, I suspect the problem is in Windows 98 server, as the client was
the same,
in some way it generates an high number of this "transactions".

In a small systems (2/3 users, I generally prefere non install a Linux
I searched for a Samba server for Win 32, but not found yet.

Some suggestions ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Andrea Scopece

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