How the heck can it work?

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Fri Jul 28 18:47:22 GMT 2000

Swat is working great.

The only thing I have not tested yet is the Unix Password Synchronization
(in our case VOS). The reason for that is that the master password db is on
another module, and it has not been upgraded to the new release that
supports POSIX stuff.


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On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Ron Alexander wrote:

> I would be happy to, but I am unsure of:
> 1. What the pgm should do.
> 2. How it relates to inetd.
> I would like to be helpful, but I really don't have a clue how to write
> a pgm. If you can point me at a small sample that I could copy and modify,
> then I might stand a chance.

What I suggest is you just sit down and play with swat, and see what
works. I've made a start on a little test program, but it doesn't seem to
work for me anyway ATM. I'll let you know later on if I can get any
sensible results from it :-)


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