How the heck can it work?

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at
Fri Jul 28 06:26:50 GMT 2000

> [Ron Alexander <rcalex at>]
> > Unfortunatly, you have to pass the check at line 365 in order to get
> > to the code starting at 379. Since the Get_Pwnam function is POSIX.1
> > compliant on our system, the password is NOT returned, and therefore
> > always fails.

Does the POSIX standard specifically state that the fields are not to be

The X/OPEN single UNIX specification has several structures where some
fields are optionally implemented, and in many cases state that the
structures must contains the mininum mentioned members.  More could be added
for a specfic implementation.

The structure that getpwnam returns a pointer to is one of these.

[In the interests of cross-platform compatability, should bug reports be
filed where SAMBA is always assuming the presence of something that is not
in the "Official" Single Unix Standard from The Open Group as required for
an implementation?]

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