Announce: experimental PAM module to mount SMB/NCP modules at login time

Elvis Pfutzenreuter epx at
Thu Jul 27 22:46:03 GMT 2000

> Cool. How do I use it? A short description of what goes where would be
> nice for pam newbies like myself. You'll probably get more testers if they
> don't have to browse the source to find out how to set it up.

There is room for a lot of improvements and polishment. My first intention 
was to see if there is a 'market' to this module so I wouldn't waste time in 
it. Maybe it is a chicken-and-egg -style problem. I will polish it at some 
extent anyway.

> Call them ncpfs & smbfs instead of ncp & smb, or accept both names. I know
> some people have strong feelings about the 'fs' bit and it's probably more
> correct.


>                 ntype = strcasecmp(type, "smb") == 0 ? SMB : ntype;
>                 ntype = strcasecmp(type, "ncp") == 0 ? SMB : ntype;
> looks funny, shouldn't that be NCP in the second line?

Gee, a bug! Thanks.

> This allows sharing entries between pam-mounted and normally mounted. For
> smbfs (not sure about ncpfs) and maybe of limited use since most people
> don't want to put passwords in /etc/fstab ... (You can do 'mount /mnt/smb'
> with a fstab entry, but it needs to get the password from somewhere. And
> the password prompt doesn't seem to work when using mount).

Indeed, this is the main purpose of this PAM module: re-use the password 
typed by the user at login time, so there is no need to keep it anywhere. 

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