Status of VOS password issue

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Thu Jul 27 19:21:24 GMT 2000

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated.

I am sure most if not all of you are like me and like to get some feedback
when you help.

What I did was:

1. Finally figured out that I had to enable the HAVE_CRYPT #def.

2. Created a crypt.c module that calls the VOS equivalent function. I did it
that way to keep the change external to samba.

3. Created a sys_getpwnam function (also had to drag along setup_pwret since
it is static). It calls the normal getpwnam as before, but I then called the
VOS function that gets me the encrypted password. I copied that into the
normal pw_ret and from that point on everything works as before.

4. What might seem unusual, is that I created an external module with the
same name as an existing function. The reason is, I avoid having to either
make the change next release, or feeding it to you with ifdef VOS. The trick
is to show it to the binder (linker) first so that the normal function is
not used. It does generate a warning about duplicate names, but I can live
with that. I used the same trick to modify the behavior of the stat and open
code in order to support a VOS specific file type.

Up to a few minutes ago, I was going to report that everything is working

I now have 1 user who gets the full swat access even though he logs in as a
user. The errors he gets are:

ERROR: Can't open include/header.html Logged in as Richard_Barnes

Then, I had incomplete icons for Home, Global, Shares, Printers, Status,
View Config, and Password Management.

ERROR: Can't open help/welcome.html ERROR: Can't open include/footer.html

Could this be caused by some kind of locking problem? Since VOS is different
from Unix, I am not sure what smb.conf options to play with vis-à-vis
locking etc. I am happy to try anything you might suggest (no kinky stuff


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