User script

Thu Jul 27 08:22:20 GMT 2000


First, please excuse me if these topics were already discussed, I'm new to
this ML and didn't found them in the archives.

It seems SAMBA creates a process per user connection. Would it be possible to
run a script when this process is launched (or forked ?).

In fact, it is the same as the wins hook that appeared a few weeks ago in the
distribution releases but on a per user basis.

In my case, that script would log the user into local scripts that would then
give him access to some files. It could also be used to share a Linux CODA
mount between Windows users.

Another one : Where can I find descriptions for the source code files ? I had
a look into, but there are so much files and no tree to describe them. I'd
like to have a look on the user SMB logon part of the project.

Thanks in advance.


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