LSA_OPENSECRET: Unknown error

Christopher M. Smith cms at
Wed Jul 26 15:00:41 GMT 2000

Can someone shed some light on this error?  Following the procedures
on Lars's FAQ site for samba-tng, I get the following errors when
I try to add a BDC to the SAMBA-TNG BDC.  I have also done a use to
the other machine involved to insure that there is an admin connection
to both machines capable of doing this by doing a 

use \\SERVERNAME -Uroot%***** -Wbdcname (or pdcname, I've tried it both
ways in both directions)

The errors are as follows:

136 [cheetara][10:50am][private]# rpcclient -S wilykat -U root%***** -Wwilykat
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Server: \\WILYKAT:      User:   root    Domain: wilykat
Connection:     error connecting to (Connection refused)
session setup ok
Domain=[THUNDARA] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba TNG-alpha]
[wilykat\root at WILYKAT]$ createuser wilykat$ -s -j THUNDARA
createuser wilykat$ -s -j THUNDARA

SAM Create Domain User
Domain: THUNDARA Name: wilykat$ ACB: [S          ]
Create Domain User: OK
LSA_OPENSECRET: unknown error

My environment is as follows:

Machine Name: CHEETARA
Role: Samba-TNG DC
Samba-TNG 2.5 (from the snapshot on
Solaris 2.6

Machine Name: WILYKAT
Role: Samba BDC
Samba-TNG 2.5 (from the snapshot on
Red Hat Linux 6.2

Any assistance or guidance that people can give would be appreciated.


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