Added password logic, now can't get the Authorization: check to trigger

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Wed Jul 26 13:14:04 GMT 2000

In case it matters, I know nothing about html, cgi or anything remotly

I have put in the code to get the encrypted password. Now when I get the
swat login box, it does not accept it. I turned on cgi logging and the
results are below (I don't have a clue what I am supposed to see here) As of
this morning, I do NOT even get the swat login box.

I also added some debug. What I am seeing is:
1. The password check fails because the routine is not getting the user
name. It appears to be getting the name of one of my shares without the []

Another weird thing is that a 2nd debug is not showing up. This means that I
am NOT entering the cgi_handle_authorization_code. This is triggered by the
string 'Authorization: ' in the input.

    } else if (strncasecmp(line,"Authorization: ", 15)==0) {
      authenticated = cgi_handle_authorization(&line[15]);

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