windows nt domains and ip masquerading...

Shawn Campbell clasmc at
Wed Jul 26 02:14:29 GMT 2000

Currently, the college I work for uses a Linux box
that does ip masquerading/squid
webcaching/site/content filtering all on one box.  We
don't want to censor the websites that faculty/staff
have access to, just the ones the students have access
to (blocking porn sites, hate sites, etc).  We could
setup a web socks proxy and make an adjustment in the
web browser for faculty/staff.  Currently, we are
using microsoft proxy server 2.0.  However, it
requires the installation of client side software
which is inconvenient and limits the way the computer
can be used in some respects.  I started looking on for win32 api information for
obtaining the necessary information from winNT
domains.  Specifically, when a computer sends a
request to the masq box, it would ask the pdc what
group the user on that particular computer belongs to,
if the group is faculty or staff, the masq rules
adjust to let those requests go through uncensored. 
If the user on that machine is a student, their
requests are filtered.  How feasible is something like
that?  I have been looking at the Network Management
User Functions in the win32 api.  I believe that samba
has equivalents to those functions.  Could a perl
script be constructed to create such a solution? 
Would a more elaborate and efficient solution be
necessary?  Is such a thing even possible?  Perhaps an
NT Service in combination with a linux solution?  

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