How the heck can it work?

Ron Alexander rcalex at
Tue Jul 25 12:04:14 GMT 2000

I have found the VOS specific function that returns the encrypted password.
I will work that into swat and see if it works.


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> Unfortunatly, you have to pass the check at line 365 in order to get
> to the code starting at 379. Since the Get_Pwnam function is POSIX.1
> compliant on our system, the password is NOT returned, and therefore
> always fails.

Current code assumes getpwnam() as root will return the crypted
password.  This has been true on most Unix systems, POSIX or not, for
the past fifteen years or so.  (All but some PAM/NSS systems.)  Clearly
in VOS there is some *other* supported method to authenticate a user --
whether it be a supplied function to call that will return yea or nay
(à la PAM), or just an alternate way to look up the crypted password so
you can check it yourself.

So whatever the correct method be, you'll need to hack SWAT to use it.


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