How the heck can it work?

James Sutherland jas88 at
Tue Jul 25 00:00:42 GMT 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Ron Alexander wrote:

> Under VOS, inetd is initially started by the Overseer. I do not know what
> it's UID,GID is. Since there is a root.root user, I would assume that
> Overseer is NOT 0,0 superuser.
> It is not uncommon to stop and start the inetd process for testing reasons.
> VOS does not have a kill SIGHUP (yet) to cause the inetd.conf to be re-read.
> I just ran a test, and if I run inetd as root, I get full swat access. If I
> run inetd as another user, then my swat access is determined by the perms on
> smb.conf.

OK. swat needs to be run such that it can access user passwords, and then
change user ID to match that of the user specified. Under Unix, this would
be root; probably VOS treats root the same way?

Can you dig out more info on how to extract the encrypted passwords, and
how to become a user after login? Presumably you have already had to
address this for the file serving aspect??


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