Fw: DOS filenames mangled - HELP please

Urban Widmark urban at svenskatest.se
Mon Jul 24 14:48:55 GMT 2000

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, R.J. 'Red' Clanton, P.E. wrote:

> This old dos program looks at the short dos name on the left not the 
> windows long name on the right.  Yesterday in the book Samba Unleashed
> by Steve Litt et al., I found the an example using "mangle case = yes" that
> referred to the name mapping from long names to 8.3 format.
> Is this the one parameter that needs to change?

Why don't you just try it ...
It doesn't work now, how much worse can it get? :)

And try reading the manpage for smb.conf, it has a section on name

> > > This isn't romantic but it is needed.  Please Help.
> > > It is fast and stable BUT when using an old DOS program we found
> > > from a Win98E2 machine in a DOS window the command DIR :
> > >      Volume in drive R is R
> > >      Directory of R:\AA\SUNLAKE\Crd
> > >     .              <DIR>        07-20-00 11:06a .
> > >     ..             <DIR>        07-20-00 11:02a ..
> > >     SL99-~#5 CRD         1,024  03-09-99 11:03a SL99-1.CRD
> > >     SL99-~W8 IDX         2,048  03-09-99 11:03a SL99-1.IDX

You had mangle case = yes

       "mangle case = yes/no" controls if names that have charac­
       ters  that  aren't  of the "default" case are mangled. For
       example, if this is yes then a name like "Mail"  would  be
       mangled. Default no.
       "default  case  =  upper/lower"  controls what the default
       case is for new filenames. Default lower.

and nothing on default case (so it is lower). As I understand this, these
settings cause upper case names to be mangled. mangle case = no sounds
like the right thing for you. Why did you set it to yes in the first


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