funky LsaQueryInfo change

Cole, Timothy D. timothy_d_cole at
Mon Jul 24 14:23:37 GMT 2000

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	On Fri, Jul 21, 2000 at 03:45:42PM -0400, Cole, Timothy D. wrote:
	> 	Erm, I don't have CVS access here, thanks to Mr. Firewall.
Or are
	> there snapshot tarballs up on the site that I'm not aware of?

	Ohh... Mr. Firewall... I know him...

	Take a look at the alpha/ dir on (or mirror),
	there should be lots of samba-tng-*.tar.gz, take 2.5, if
	you find it.


I managed to find some time over the weekend to update my TNG tree at home
and have a look.  Oh well. :/

It looks like we need to remove the check for lp_domain_logons() @
rpc_server/srv_lsa.c:531 in SAMBA_2_0 if we want to match TNG behavior (TNG
appears to reply to a query_info @ level 0x03 unconditionally).

I had a feeling the new code in 2.0.7 was wrong. :)


--- source/rpc_server/srv_lsa.c.orig	Mon Jul 24 10:16:01 2000
+++ source/rpc_server/srv_lsa.c	Mon Jul 24 10:16:24 2000
@@ -528,12 +528,8 @@
 	switch (q_i.info_class) {
 	case 0x03:
-		if(lp_domain_logons()) {
-			fstrcpy(name, global_myworkgroup);
-			sid = &global_sam_sid;
-		} else {
-			*name = '\0';
-		}
+		fstrcpy(name, global_myworkgroup);
+		sid = &global_sam_sid;
 	case 0x05:
 		fstrcpy(name, global_myname);

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