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Matias Rossi matiasrossi at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 24 13:43:49 GMT 2000

Hello !!! I`am Matias Rossi from Argentina, I have a real problem with Samba 
and I don`t know how to solve it.
I install my samba in a Lan with a lot of subnet`s and it  also have a lot 
of WINDOWS Domain`s and WorkGroup, my Lan is interconnected with Swichts.
The problem is that if I lock to the server name on the network I don`t find 
it and if I put the IP number or //nameserver I see it. The other problem is 
that some times I see the server on the network but other times I don`t see 
it. A part of the network can see it and the other part couden`t see it.

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