smb-tcpdump source code

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Mon Jul 24 11:17:55 GMT 2000

Muthukumar Rathakrishnan wrote:
>  I'm trying to locate a source code for the smb-tcpdump, 
> the utility that presents the smb exchanges in a fairly
>  understandable form. I am trying to install the utility 
> in a Sun Solaris 7 OS.
>  But all the ftp sites I've come across so far has 
> smb-tcpdump binaries for earlier versions of Solaris 
> or sorce code  compressed with the .src.rpm extension. I 
> was told that files with this extension are meant for Linux.

I've just re-uploaded the gzipped tarball version of 
the tcpdump source code to

Don't know why it was removed.

You will need to tcpdump-smb.patch, the tcpdump source tarball, 
and the libpcap source.

If you have the gtk+ libs installed on your solaris box
you should probably check out Ethereal (
as it produces much better (readable) output for decoding 
protocols.  It will also read in raw dump files from tcpdump,
snoop, and MS's netmon.

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