Getting executable files on HPUX to be displayed on laptop

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Fri Jul 21 15:35:37 GMT 2000

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> Subject:	Getting executable files on HPUX to be displayed on laptop
> I was wondering if anyone knew or if it is possible to connect from my
> laptop to an HPUX 11.0 server and click on the SAS icon in Windows
> Explorer
> for example, and have the GUI interface run interactively on my laptop?
> Sas
> is just one example we also have oracle databases I would need to access
> in
> a similar way. I just recently setup Samba so you can probably tell I'm
> still a novice. Thanks
	This is really rather outside of Samba's scope.

	[I'm assuming SAS is an HP-UX application]

	Windows limitations are still going to prevent you from just being
able to double click on the executable (no extension for Explorer to latch
on to), but if you get a Windows X server (e.g. Exceed; see, you should certainly be able to telnet (or
better, ssh) in to the HP-UX box and run it that way.

	Some Windows X server products (I think Exceed does) also let you
make desktop icons that automate the process of connecting and starting the
app on the HP box.  So you get kind of what you want in that case.

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