bash: useradd: comand not found using telnet su

Stephen J Chula chulas at
Fri Jul 21 15:18:56 GMT 2000

Ok su has 2 version..
there is su "username" and su - "username"
the first one gives  you  all the permissions and abilityies fo the user
you are su'ing to, (ie root) however it does nto set that paths that that
user has.  So you would not be able to just type "adduser" but typing
/sbin/adduser will work.

su -"username" will set that paths, so if you su - root it will give you
all the permissions and the path of the user.

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Damen Rund wrote:

> Hello,
> once again I'm stumped.  I telnet into my Linux box as myself then run a
> su command to login as root, then I want to add a user so I run the
> useradd command and get the response "bash: useradd: command not found"
> however if I goto the Linux box and log in as root I can use the useradd
> command with no problem.
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