Windows and Administrator accounts

Heriberto Betancourt Dieste heribo at
Fri Jul 21 02:49:54 GMT 2000

Hello all!

I recently started a new domain in my Intranet using SAMBA (we have
another NT domain, with an NT server)

I'm having trouble with the administration accounts. 
I put in smb.conf things like 'admin users = myname', or 'domain admin
users = myname', but when I log into Windows NT, the 'myname' account is
not an administration account.

I haven't found ANY documentation about it: I "discovered" this option
with 'testparm' (reading all the produced output) and I thought it would
do what I wanted, BUT it doesn't.

What should I do, in order to tell Windows that an specific account has
administration rights?

Thank you in advance.


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