Getting user names

Nick Kidd nkidd at
Thu Jul 20 20:57:07 GMT 2000

Hello.  I am new to samba and am trying to get my Red Hat 6.2 machine to
auto generate accounts.  I have written the script in perl and it works
fine.  Next I added a line in one of my shares:

preexec = /path/to/add_user_script %u.

This also works fine except that if the user does not have an account on
the Red Hat machine then %u will be nobody and not the username.  The
authentication is done on a Winnt 4.0 PDC using security = domain.  I was
guessing that the client will announce himself as the username of the
person logged in and that password so the PDC can authenticate that user
as being a domain member.  It was also in my hopes that the the Samba
server would then place that username in %u.  Does anyone know if this is
how it works or if there is anyway to get ahold of the username?


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