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Michael Glauche mg at
Thu Jul 20 14:00:27 GMT 2000

> I can't answer the question, but I think I can translate for the
> "linguistically-challenged" :)
> There are files left lying around in /var/spool/lp/samba, which
> appear to be created when NT Workstation users print to
> the samba server's printers.
> They used to be cleaned up automatically, but no longer.
> Is this a known bug?  Is it fixed?
> Also, somebody's doing perror(EBADF) to the console,
> which may be related.
> If you didn't pick this up, the OS is Solaris 7 (2.7, 5.7, whatever).

If there are files left on the spool directory it's the fault of the unix
printing system. Normaly the lpr is responsible for deleing the spool files,
in linux this is done with lpr -r. Check your lpr manual for details.


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