functionality currently working in samba-tng 2.5.3

Christopher M. Smith cms at
Thu Jul 20 01:36:40 GMT 2000

Hello all--

I've been following the archives of the samba lists avidly trying
to determine what aspects of the samba-tng code are currently
implemented and what are not, as well as referring to the
excellent faq that Lars Kneschke has placed on his website
to move towards implementing a samba-TNG machine on my home
network.  My main question is, does the current code support
setting up a samba BDC to a samba PDC?  From the FAQ, I would
believe that it can, but all attempts I've had at doing so
have resulted in failure.  If someone could confirm which
of the following currently are working and which are not
I would appreciate it.

-BDC functionality for a samba BDC to join a samba PDC
-profile support for servers authenticated by a samba PDC
-pam_ntdom support for doing domain style logins for
 UNIX machines

Any help or suggestions that you can give me I would appreciate.


Christopher M. Smith

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