created extra files in /etc/services and /etc/samba.conf

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jul 19 23:44:10 GMT 2000

[Neyle Sollee <ansollee at>]
> I added a new line (swat 901/tcp) in /etc/services file when
> attempting to setup SWAT and ended up with these files: 1) services
> (orginal with 11349 bytes) 2) services (the updated file with swat
> 901/tcp added (11362 bytes), and 3) (11363 bytes).
> What should I do -- delete #2 and #3 and start over (and make sure I
> understand Pico)?

Whatever you think is best.  Just make sure you get a valid services
file at the other end of the pipe.  As for Pico, if I were you I'd
learn a real editor for Unix administration work.  (Not to sound
condescending -- but it's true, Pico just isn't industrial-strength.)

While you're at it, could you tell your mail client (a) not to send
HTML and (b) to wrap lines somewhere before 80 columns?

> Also, I created an additional file: /etc/ .  Should I
> delete this file?
> Why are there two services files (difference in file size maybe)?

Don't know.  I would have the strong temptation, if I were you, to
blame it on Pico, but maybe that's just me.


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