Multi-WINS behavior.

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Jul 19 23:21:26 GMT 2000

[Chris Hertel]
> Dear WINS fans,

Yay!  Go WINS! (:

> - If the WINS server was entered as a DNS name in smb.conf, then a
>   name lookup was being performed every time a WINS query or
>   registration was performed.  Ick.  What I do instead is to cache
>   the IP address once it's found.

I would have thought that any half-decent DNS implementation would
already be caching things several places along the way.  So if you want
to implement your own caching layer, fine, but I don't know that it's
of paramount importance.

>   If the WINS server is marked 'dead', then I clear the IP address
>   and look it up again when the WINS server is alive again.  A failed
>   lookup kills the entry, so the code won't repeat the lookup for
>   another ten minutes.

Yes!  *Exactly* the semantics I would have suggested.


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