Compile LDAP support

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Jul 19 15:47:36 GMT 2000

"Jerry P." wrote:
> When running samba 2.0.7 makefile.  Error passdb/ldap.c  
> line 56: syntax error before or at: !
> When viewing the code on line 56 in passdb/ldap.c the function 
> is to connect anonymously to the ldap server. The comment 
> is FIXME later
> (jfm).
> What is the fix or how do we get around it?

Use of an LDAP server for an account backend is not
supported in 2.0.x.  My plans are to fix this as soons 
as I can get done with some printing stuff.  Hopefully in 
time for the next release.

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