Samba & Unix users sync

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jul 19 02:03:21 GMT 2000

I believe that the problem is in the password hashes.  The smbpasswd file 
contains the Microsoft hash of the password, as opposed to the Unix 
hash.  Since it should be impossible to generate the original password 
from the hash, both sets of data are required if you still have Windows 
servers on your network.

There are some things in the works that will allow you to use the Windows 
password for Unix login, if your Unix systems support nsswitch.

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> Is there a way to have Samba use the current Unix /etc/passwd file instead
> of the /etc/smbpasswd file to obtain user info, so I dont need to add the
> user twice in order for the user to use the unix box and samba shares?
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