Windows 2000 trouble?

Brown, Steve sbrown at
Tue Jul 18 21:08:28 GMT 2000

I am experiencing some trouble with W2K and at times NT loosing mapping to
drives on a Sun Unix, Solaris 2.6 server.  Time outs on W2K cause connection
to drives to be lost.  Drives loose connection when pc systems reboots.  I
am running Samba 1.9.17p3.  All has worked fine until lately, when some
people began implementing W2K, however, this seems to be effecting some NT

Here is a small sample from my lib/log file

Gethostbyaddr failed for
07/18/00 15:38:29 tclynch2 ( connect to service xdrive as user
nobody (uid=60001,gid=60001) (pid 4789)
07/18/00 15:42:00 tclynch2 ( closed connection to service
Gethostbyaddr failed for

Gethostbyaddr failed for
07/18/00 15:46:35 rollcall ( connect to service xdrive as user
nobody (uid=60001,gid=60001) (pid 4806)
Error writing 161 bytes to client. -1. Exiting
Gethostbyaddr failed for
07/18/00 15:51:04 mfcook ( connect to service xdrive as user
mfcook (uid=806,gid=800) (pid 2382)
ERROR! Out of file structures - perhaps increase MAX_OPEN_FILES?

Are there any known problems with using W2K?  Any advice?

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