Minor bug in samba 2.0.7 smb.conf.5 manpage...

gonyier at us.ibm.com gonyier at us.ibm.com
Tue Jul 18 17:27:58 GMT 2000

This is a very small nitpick that I would like to bring to your attention.

In the smb.conf.5, there seems to be a typo in four lines that seem
to be causing the man command problems (at least on the AIX 4.3.3 and
Redhat 6.2
systems that I have looked at that manpage with).

The lines in smb.conf.5 in question are:

line 5367:    .IP "\fB"security=share"\fP"
line 5433:    .IP "\fB"security=user"\fP"
line 5457:    .IP "\fB"security=server"\fP"
line 5486:    .IP "\fB"security=domain"\fP"

The result of this is that these lines do not show up
at all when the man page is viewed through the man command.
groff -man, et al doesn't seem to like these lines either--
with that command I get the following error for each of the
lines above:

Warning: numeric expression expected (got 's')

I am not an expert on the format for man page files, but changing
the lines to the following seems to not generate errors and
the lines actually show up when viewed from the man command:

line 5367:    .IP "\fBsecurity=share\fP"
line 5433:    .IP "\fBsecurity=user\fP"
line 5457:    .IP "\fBsecurity=server\fP"
line 5486:    .IP "\fBsecurity=domain\fP"

I just deleted the innermost pair of double-quote characters.

I know this all sounds trivial, but since these lines are
section headers describing the "security" parameter in
the smb.conf file, it is a little confusing when jumping
from the description of one setting for this parameter
to another without these section headings showing up.

I have not checked the other man pages supplied with
the samba 2.0.7 package for similar errors...

Dwaine Gonyier
LAN Adapter and Switch Test
gonyier at us.ibm.com

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