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Mon Jul 17 07:55:16 GMT 2000

Urban Widmark wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Gerald Carter wrote:
> > Has anyone every seen a call to malloc() result in a
> > seg fault?  Very confused...
> Yes, a few times. It has always been some code 
> overwriting innocent memory, possibly free'ing the 
> same area twice. It has never been related
> to the place of the segfault (which obviously 
> is where you start looking ...). The malloc 
> crashes because its internal structure is corrupt. that rings a bell.  I think I know 
what it is.

> You may want to try some memory "safety" 
> library (ElectricFence is the only name I can think of 
> now, but I have never tried it).
> But I'm sure there are other ways to get malloc to 
> crash, maybe you invented a new one :)

I would feel so honored if that were true ;-)

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