Changing IP Address

Peter Samuelson peter at
Mon Jul 17 10:09:18 GMT 2000

[Cameron Brown <Cameron.Brown at>]
> Recently we changed the IP address of our Solaris server and our NT
> server to change over to a new VLAN IP Scope. Servers where shutdown
> and restarted, everything looked fine, email web browing, ping
> The Samba smbd and nmbd processes restarted fine. No other
> changes. Can no longer connect to mapped samba drives from NT. Get
> error:
> "Network path was not found".  

First off, check your "hosts allow", "hosts deny" and "interfaces"
settings from smb.conf.  Try `nmblookup' on the Sun to see if it can
find both the Sun and the peecee.  Then use `smbclient' on the Sun,
try to connect to each machine.  That should localize the problem a


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