Feature Request: NIS support

Gerald Carter gcarter at valinux.com
Thu Jul 13 19:32:54 GMT 2000

Nils Lohner wrote:
> I would like to give everyone who has a unix account
> access to it from a PC as well, and can't see a good
> way to do that.  A solution would be either to:
> - allow all users who are in /etc/passwd (which 
> would include NIS) to log on and acess their home dir 
> (IMO the best and easiest solution)

What do you mean access to the Linux box?  I assume you 
mean mounting disk shares and accessing printers installed 
on the linux host.

ummm....we do this.  Plain text logons are validated
using crypt() and getpwnam() (which will get the user's 
entry from NIS assuming you have the Linux box correctly 

> - have smbpasswd be able to map a Windoze user (thus 
> allowing to use the windows authentication that you 
> already have) to a unix path (or paths) that he can access.

See 'security = domain' (or security = server) and the 
'username map' parameters in the smb.conf man page.

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